Friday, March 26, 2010

Basic 2, Prepare Yourself...Here We Come!

{{Què hi ha entre nosaltres}}

On Tuesday we had a party in my Catalan Basic 1 course to celebrate the completion of the 1st level of learning Catalan and as a goodbye get-together before Semana Santa next week (when we don't have class). We all get to reunite for Basic 2 in early April, continuing through the end of May, which makes me quite happy. I probably couldn't have asked for a better group of people for my Catalan class. The other students come from all over South America, from other regions of Spain, from Morocco, Italy, China; we're a nice little cross-section of the world! And the students are a great mix of ages and interests that are open to meeting other people and sharing about themselves. Our professor is very funny and easy to relate to, along with being a good teacher. We spend about half of the class just laughing with her and each other.

For the last day of class, we organized a potluck lunch, where everyone brought in specialty dishes from their native country. We had great burritos with homemade guacamole and salsa from Mexico, cheese rolls from Brasil, papa huancayo from Peru, empanadas from Chile, Galician crepes, a spectacular Italian chocolate torte, Moroccan green tea...the list goes on and on. I brought Piedmont Bell Peppers, a family favorite, and everyone was impressed that the American didn't only eat hotdogs and hamburgers (though one of Chilean friends kept saying he wished I had brought hot dogs because he likes them; now I know what to make for the Basic 2 party!). Everything was spectacular, and, as much as there was, we somehow managed to eat it all (or fill bags and purses with more for later...quite a bit made it home to be my dinner!). All of us just talking and laughing the entire time, enjoying being with each other; poor students in the classroom next door who were taking an exam!!

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