Monday, February 8, 2010

Urubamba Update

{{La chica vale un Perú}}

Hey everyone!

I wanted to put up a few photos of Uurbamba post-flooding now that the waters are down and the lives of all residents have turned to repairing, rebuilding, and attempting to move forward with their lives to a better place. There is a lot of work to be done and the government still hasn't done much for them besides make promises for future aid, but the citizens of the Sacred Valley are working together to help those who lost everything. If you look in the comments on my last post, you can see several ways to help from outside of Peru. The main one is through the Spirits of the Earth Foundation, to whom you can send a donation via PayPal. Just because the worst of the flooding has passed does not mean we can forget about the affected Peruvians; these floods were the equivalent of Hurricane Katrina for them.

PS: The quote under the photos is a saying in Spain that means that someone is very beautiful. The Spaniards said this after conquering Peru because it was beautiful and brought them great wealth (through its silver mines). So, if you are called to be of equal worth as Peru, you are very valuable and beautiful. Peru is beautiful and special, so we want to help it recover the best it can!

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