Friday, February 26, 2010

The First Stirrings of a Barcelona Spring

{{Sientes por dentro que todo se va...hacía el sol...hacía el sol...}}

Spring is starting to show it's face here in Barcelona and everyone is reveling in the change from constant clouds and chilly breezes. This entire week we've had beautiful sunny days with cerulean blue skies, playful spring breezes, and the feeling of warm rays of Mediterranean sun kiss your head. It's been wonderful not to have to drag layers around and cuddle my neck into scarves all the time; in fact, if I try wearing my thicker jacket out to class, I have to take it off as soon as I start walking or I completely overheat. Today I even was able to only wear a hoodie over my T-shirt when I went to French class. Barcelonans, I have noted, seem to operate like Peruvians, in that they believe that you should wear a heavy jacket always if it's technically the season of "winter". People look less miserable to be bundled up, but I still see lots of people in the street wearing down jackets, wool scarves, and layers of long sleeved shirts. Don't know how they do it!

The nights are still very cold and remind you without a doubt that it is winter, however. As soon as the sun sets, or if you find yourself walking in a shady spot...make sure you've followed the Peruvian rule to take a jacket with you no matter what and abrígate, or you'll be an unhappy camper. We're still a ways a way from Barcelona-beach-weather, without a doubt; spring's only just putting out her feelers and teasing us with some beautiful sunshine. I'm sure I'll be whipping out my warm scarves and long sleeves again soon. But in the meantime, I'm loving the sun!

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