Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goodbyes Don't Last Forever...But They Still Suck

{{El destino que nos une y que nos separar√°}}

This weekend I had to say goodbye to two of my best friends here in Peru, Michaela and Liz, which was quite hard and sad. It's amazing how even though we have only been together for six weeks, we have gotten to be so incredibly close and now know each other so well. And those six weeks sure flew by way too fast for me! We've worked together, we've explored the streets of Urubamba together, we've joked together, we've created fun memories together, we've traveled Peru together, and we've grown together. They were two absolutely amazing people that I was lucky to meet here in Urubamba and cannot wait to see again. I wish they could share the rest of the experience here. Stoves will definitely not be the same without Liz there to make fun of my technique or us to work completely seamlessly together. And who else will I laugh like crazy, open and close the pizzeria, and dodge bricheros with but Michaela? I know things are never meant to stay the same, but sometimes I just wish they could stay as they were when everything seems perfect.

Saying goodbye to Liz and Michaela, however, and looking at how fast the weeks have flown made me realize how little time I have left and how soon I will have to part from all the people I love here. I have been insanely lucky and have gotten to know quite a few Peruvians and also some volunteers from a German organization. It's fun to see them all around town in Urubamba; it makes me feel like I am really at home here. And we try and plan some fun combination of ProPeru volunteers-Urubambinos-Germans for every weekend. But this, unfortunately, means that I'll have even more goodbyes to say when the time comes...and I only have as much time left as I have been here so far. Being on this side of half-way makes it look much closer than I would have imagined!

But I'm going to cherish all the memories I've made here with my fantastic friends and know that we'll get to make many more in the future outside of Peru and work on not worrying about future goodbyes yet. For now, it is only goodbye Liz and Michaela, thank you for being such amazing people, I love you dearly, and Peru misses you like crazy.

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