Sunday, September 6, 2009

¿Estudiaste en España, no?

{{España vuelve a casa}}

I am safely in Peru and I am loving every minute of it so far. The past few days have just been filled with meeting our host families and the other volunteers, wandering around Urubamba, orientation, and getting aclimitized to the altitude. There are three other volunteers with me right now: another girl taking a bridge year before going to Harvard and two girls taking some time off between university and starting a job. The Princeton bridge year kids arrive tonight and then the fun of projects begin tomorrow.

Every single person I have talked to in Peru, however, has noted one thing in particular about me: not that I'm American, not that I can't always use subjunctive properly, but that I have a "Castillian" Spanish accent. When I got picked up from Lima, the woman's son said that it made him laugh every time I spoke becuase my accent was Spanish. In Cusco, within five minutes of being picked up at the airport, they asked me when I studied in Spain. My Spanish teacher told me I need to get a Peruvian one, stat. Now it's a family joke with all of my host family here. Qué guay!

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  1. jaja, es posiblemente porque estabas viviendo con alguien de españa para el año pasado? ;-) Creo que es cómico cuando gente dice que alguien de los E.E.U.U. tienen acentos de otros lugares como méxico, españa, o peru.