Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preparation count-down

The nervous butterflies are starting to kick in as I realize that I only have 9 more days in the States before I fly off to Peru for the first 3 months of my bridge year. And I have so much to do between now and then! The house to organize, clothing to buy, boxes to unpack, emails, phone calls, and letters, my final goodbyes to my horseback riding and violin instructors, plenty of family time, and the last goodbyes to friends. And, of course, the most important element: packing! It's quite crazy, I have to say. But I am so excited; if I could jump on the plane to Lima tomorrow, I would. 

People ask me sometimes if I am jealous of my friends who are heading off to college or just getting settled in, my friends with their new dorms and hometowns and roommates. I don't regret my decision in the slightest, though I did feel the slight stirrings of jealousy when we were in Williamsburg yesterday and my dad and I saw all these William and Mary freshman on orientation and shopping at the bookstore. That all seems so far away from me now, however. I know that all of us, whether we are off exploring a new country or simply a new state, will have tons of new friends, experiences, and stories that will shape us for the better and that we will get to excitedly share when we next see each other. It's not the question of if you'll see friends, but when, where, and what new stories we'll have to tell.

And super exciting news of the day: I found out who my host family will be. And they look amazing! My host mom's name is Karina Delgado Ocampo and here is the little description about her. "Karina is 26 years old and has lived in Urubamba for 10 years. She is the omther of a beautiful 5-month-old baby girl named Killary, who is very active and barely ever cries! She also has a small dog, Kiya. Karina enjoys taking walks, cycling, plants, and practicing English. She is a wonderful cook, and often prepares meals with her mother who lives in the house as well." I'm sure I'll get to try lots of authentic Peruvian recipes with them! :D

Alright, time to get back to my long list of house tasks!


  1. Sounds cool! Great way to keep up with your Spanish and pick up new vocab here and there! I'd love to see some of the slang you encounter!

    I still have to figure out how I'm going to fit Spanish in somehow at college. I don't have enough room in my schedule take a Spanish class right now :-\.

  2. I'm really excited! And it will definitely be fun to learn all this Peruvian slang...but it will be quite different from the Barcelonan slang that I'll learn during the second half of the year. And too much of a Peruvian accent might cause some snickers in Barcelona...hahaha.

    I'm sure you can find at least some manner of conversation class or something at some point. And a lot of colleges have foreign-language tables some days of the week too...